Updated Transactions API Endpoints

The GET, PATCH, and DELETE methods for snapshots and valuations via the Transactions API (beta) were discontinued as part of the February 9, 2024 release (version 2.214). All functionality is available via the Snapshots API (beta).

If you are currently using the Transactions API as part of your snapshot and valuation workflow, reach out to your Addepar contact for an extension until as late as March 22, 2024. You can use this additional time to prepare and make any necessary changes.

Why are we making this change?

  • When snapshots, valuations, and transactions are created in Addepar, we automatically assign an ID to each one. However, the numbering system for snapshots and valuations is expected to overlap with transactions' numbering system very soon. This would result in a transaction and a snapshot or valuation that both have the same ID.
  • Until now, you've been able to use one API route for both transactions and snapshots/valuations. However, because of this potential for overlap, they need to be separated. For example, you might have a transaction ID of 123 and a snapshot ID of 123. In this structure, if you try to delete the ID 123, there isn't a way to know which version should be deleted.


I use the valuation transaction type in transaction queries. It seems like it is just the snapshots that are impacted here. Is that correct?

The Transaction Query API will not be affected by this change. This change only impacts the Transactions API. This means if you are currently using the Transactions API to get, create, modify, or delete snapshots or valuations that workflow would need to be transitioned to the Snapshots API. However, if you're using the Transaction Query API to return the data that would be found in a transaction view then no change is needed. Snapshots and valuations will continue to be supported through that route.

Will this change impact API uploads of transactions in general or just specific to snapshots? We have a couple of semi-automated processes that use transactions and I wanted to make sure those don't need to be adjusted.

Correct, this update is specific to snapshots and valuations.