The Portfolio API makes it easy to extract data for a specific portfolio based on a saved analysis view in Addepar or direct query.

Base Route/v1/portfolio

ProducesJSON, CSV (views only), TSV (views only), or XLSX (views only)
Application Permissions Required"API Access: Create, edit, and delete"

"Analysis firm and team views: View only" is required to extract view data.


For large-scale data queries, Addepar recommends using the Jobs API in conjunction with Portfolio API. Because the Portfolio API retrieves data for entire portfolios, the server's responses can be large and may result in timeouts. You can help avoid timeouts by using the Jobs API to make asynchronous requests to Portfolio API, check the status of a job, and download a job's results.

Comparing View vs. Query APIs

The below table highlights the main differences between the Portfolio Query and View APIs.

Use Cases- Exporting a static portfolio view for offline analysis in Excel.
- Running static exports to data warehouse.
- Dynamic access to portfolio data.
- Portable requests across different firms for standardized integrations.
Request StructureRelies on view in application.Query is constructed dynamically in API request.
PortabilityViews must be created for each firm.Requests can be used across multiple firms.
BatchingCannot batch requests.Batches multiple clients/entities in one request.
Attribute CoverageAll attributes are covered.Most attributes are covered.
Supported formatsJSON, CSV, TSV, XLS.JSON only.

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