Resource Overview

Addepar is an open platform that facilitates the secure exchange of data with other applications or products through a REST API. The API is divided into three workflow categories: Portfolio, Ownership Graph, and Admin.

The Addepar API provides access to data via HTTPS using unique API endpoints, and provides programmatic access to data in JSON:API spec format for the following resources:


Resource AreaBase RouteDescription

Extract portfolio data for a saved analysis view or with a direct query.
Transactions (Beta)/v1/transactions


Create and delete transactions in Addepar, retrieve, and update transaction details.

Extract transaction data from an existing view or a query directly using specific parameters.
Snapshots (Beta)/v1/snapshotsRetrieve snapshot and valuation details.
Attributes/v1/attributesDiscover available Addepar attributes.
Arguments/v1/argumentsDiscover the available Addepar attribute arguments.
Jobs/v1/jobsSubmit asynchronous portfolio jobs, monitor the status, and download the results.

Ownership Graph

Resource AreaBase RouteDescription
Entities/v1/entitiesCreate and delete entities, as well as retrieve and update entity details.
Entity Types/v1/entity_typesDiscover the available entity types including associated attributes, attributes required for creation, and which attributes are editable.
Positions/v1/positionsCreate and delete positions, as well as retrieve and update position details.
Groups/v1/groupsCreate and delete groups, as well as retrieve and update group details.


Resource AreaBase RouteDescription
Roles/v1/rolesView roles created by your firm, as well as add or remove the users assigned to each role.
Users/v1/usersView, create, and delete users, update user information, tool permissions, and portfolio access.
Files/v1/filesAccess to files that have been uploaded into the file vault including any reports generated.
Audit (Beta)/v1/audit_trailRetrieve audit logs.
Report Generation (Beta)/v1/report_generation_jobRun reports.
Generated Reports/v1/generated_reports Access to generated report objects.