The Transaction View API provides the ability to extract transaction data for an existing Transaction View, saved in Addepar.

The Transactions section of Addepar is a repository of all transactions for a given portfolio or asset, including those that come in automatically from custodial data feeds and those manually added by your firm.

Base Route/v1/transactions
ProducesCSV, TSV, or XLSX
Application Permissions Required"API Access: Create, edit, and delete"

"Transaction firm view: View only" and "Transactions: View-only" to extract view data.

Resource Overview

The Transaction View API supports exporting views in CSV, TSV, or XLSX formats.


Required Parameters

portfolio_idThe ID of a portfolio configured in Addepar.

A portfolio can be either an entity (i.e. a client, account, legal entity etc.) or a group of entities.

If theportfolio_type is FIRM, the portfolio_id must be 1
portfolio_typeThe type of portfolio.

Supported Values:
output_typeThe output format of the exported result.

Supported Values:
start_dateThe start date of the time period of portfolio data.

end_dateThe end date of the time period of portfolio data.


Required Arguments

idThe ID of the transactions view.

You can find the view ID by generating an API URL. See "Generate an API URL"

Generate an API URL

You can generate an API URL in Addepar by following the below steps:

  1. Sign in to Addepar.
  2. Select the portfolio on the left menu.
  3. Select the Transactions tab.
  4. Select a view from the drop-down menu and adjust the view as needed to display the data you want to export.
  5. Click Export at the top right of the table > Generate API URL > Copy Link.

The URL will include the view id, portfolio id, output type, start date, and end date.

Example API URL:

Get Transactions View Data

Returns data based on the transactions view, portfolio, and time period.



  • Transaction Views for “Summary Data” are not supported.
  • Values must follow one of the following types: Currency, Date, Money Value, Number, Percent, Word, Yes/No.

Additional Notes (CSV & TSV):

  • If the view includes a column for an entity (e.g., Security, Direct Owner), the output will include an additional column for "[Entity Name] [Entity ID],” which is the unique identifier for the entity.
  • If the view includes Position as a column, then the output will include an additional column for Position ID, which is the unique identifier for each position.
  • Formatting applied to numerical values ($, K, M, etc.) is ignored for number and money value columns: the output will include the raw values up to four decimal places.
  • Percentages are represented as a fraction up to four decimal places.
  • Boolean values are represented as “Yes” or “No.”
    All CSV/TSV responses have the Byte-Order-Mark prefixed to the data stream to indicate the content's UTF-8 encoding.

GET /v1/transactions/views/:id/results


HTTP/1.1 200

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="transactions_data.csv"
Content-Type: text/csv


Response Codes:

  • 200 OK: Success
  • 400 Bad Request: Improperly specified query parameters
  • 403 Forbidden: Insufficient application permissions
  • 404 Not Found: View not found