Addepar provides three sandbox tiers to help you build, develop, and enhance your platform experience.


Developer Environment

Explore Addepar’s features without production data in a 14-day trial environment.


Test drive new workflows and processes in your Addepar tech stack with an isolated 1:1 copy of your production environment, bringing in only the necessary production data.

Sandbox Features
Secure workflow testing

- Use real client data plus all production features to simulate and refine end-to-end workflows
- Avoid compromising data configurations or disrupting business
- Test and validate API work
Seamless new feature exploration

- Experiment with new features before incorporating in production
Demo and train with assurance

- Avoid unintentional changes by demoing Addepar with a 1:1 production copy
- Educate potential advisors, executives and new employees
Get the most out of Sandbox

- Refresh 12 times a year (up to twice
a month) to import the latest data and configurations

Connect with your Addepar representative to learn more about Sandbox and understand the right solution for you.

What’s Next

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